Surface cleaner and sanitiser

Surface cleaner and sanitiser - 250ml

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ROLS alcohol free surface cleaner and sanitiser is designed to clean and protect virtually any surface against the coronavirus germs and dangerous bacteria and provide a bacteria free work and home environment. This product is vegan free, skin safe, eco friendly and dermatologically tested. All Rols products are powerful but kind to the hands and body, contain aloe vera and cosmetic grade conditioners to clean and protect dry and sensitive skin in any climate ! Using an advanced cleaning formulation, Rols sanitisers are effective, handy and convenient to use anywhere you need to be protected.

Protect any surface from dangerous germs bacteria and viruses:

  • Toilets and sinks
  • Door handles, hand rails, balustrades.
  • Kitchen surfaces, sinks, chopping boards, fridges, cookers, food preparation areas.
  • Children's play areas, nurseries and toys