Powerful Foam Hand & Body Sanitiser - 100ml

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ROLS alcohol free sanitisers are designed to Protect against the coronavirus, are vegan free, skin safe, eco friendly and dermatologically tested. They contain aloe vera and cosmetic grade conditioners to clean and protect dry and sensitive skin in any climate ! Using an advanced skin formulation Rols cleans and protects against bacteria, germs and coronaviruses and can be used to clean and sanitise your body as well. Safe to use in any environment, Rols sanitisers are effective, handy and convenient to use on any occasion.

Fits in your carry on luggage

They can be taken on board flights, carried in your hand bag, briefcase, school bag, glove compartment and office draw. Take the Powerful foam hand and body sanitiser with you everywhere you go .....Filling up with fuel, using supermarket trolleys, taking part in sports activities, pop concerts, camping, fishing indeed anywhere there is a lack of hygeine or washing facilities.....take action now to protect yourself and your family, stay protected in any climate, wherever in the World you may be.

Rols sanitisers are available in a 50ml flight and 100 ml travel convenient sizes. A truly beneficial anti bacterial hand washing solution using water ( Medical hand sanitiser gel ) or using no water (  Powerful foam hand sanitiser ) depending on which product you take with you to help prevent the spread of germs bacteria and infectious diseases.


Alcohol free - No water required to clean and protect your hands and body. Being pH neutral, vegan free and environmently friendly this provides scientifically proven protection against 99.99 % the worlds most dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria, including norovirus, MRSA, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Coronovirus, E. coli, Listeria, Hepatitis C and Swine flu. Rols sanitisers are non toxic, skin safe, use medical grade ingredients, non greasy, non sticky and fast drying. 

Alcohol based sanitisers can cause allergic reactions and with frequent use can leave you with sore and chapped hands this can allow bacteria, germs and viruses to enter your body and make you ill.