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Rols sanitisers lasting efficacy against Coronavirus

​Following the recent outbreak of coronavirus we can confirm that Rols sanitisers will be effective against the virus. The coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome. Due to the inherently unstable nature of the virus it's not possible to test disinfectants against this specific organism in laboratory conditions. In order to prove product efficacy we along with all other hand sanitiser manufacturers have to use other stable enveloped viruses as a substitute viruses to prove product efficiency against this organism. We can confirm our products have been tested to both EN1500 and EN14476 (The European virus testing standards) and also against enveloped viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis C & B, which confirms our product is effective against enveloped virus and will therefore be classified as effective against the coronavirus. In this regard you can safely use our product to protect you against this virus and will be a much safer and user alternative to bleach based products. Being alcohol free our product does not cause allergic reactions or sore, chapped hands and body. 


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